13 January 2020

CHKS Accreditation: A Journey Towards Excellence

C-Care is undertaking the ambitious project of obtaining the Comprehensive Health Knowledge System (CHKS) accreditation for Clinique Darné, Wellkin Hospital,  C-Care Clinic North and C-Lab. 


CHKS is an international accreditation body specialized in healthcare across the world. This project is led by Claire Wanquet, Chief of Operational Excellence.


First Meeting with the Ambassadors and Champions

The process was officially launched internally on 22 November, where the mascot, Mr Chic Chick, was introduced. It was one of the first moments where the project’s champions and ambassadors had an opportunity to interact with each other. 


The Way Forward 

C-Care plans to perform a GAP assessment in January-February 2020, and thereafter, prepare for the official CHKS assessment in June 2021. Once C-Care passes the accreditation in June 2021, the certification will be valid for three years before re-assessment.