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C-Care is our commitment to provide the best quality healthcare in Mauritius and in the region. We listen carefully to our patients; we work as a team and leverage on the very best medical expertise and latest healthcare technology in a wide range of specialties. We strive to constantly improve our services to live up to the trust that you place in our hands.

C-Care is a Mauritian private healthcare group, owning and operating the two main private healthcare facilities in Mauritius, namely Clinique Darné and Wellkin Hospital. C-Care also owns and manages C-Care Clinic and C-Lab.

The Group created in 2008 and formerly known as The Medical and Surgical Centre Limited is part of the CIEL Healthcare network whose majority shareholder is CIEL, a Mauritian diversified Investment Group.

Our Vision


Excellence in Healthcare -
To be the preferred choice
for quality healthcare in the
region, always innovating.


Our Values

  • Medical Expertise
  • Approachable
  • People at Heart
  • Progressive

Our Mission


Patient first - Delivering
medical services and
passionate care we can
all be proud of.


Dear C-Care Family members,


It is a real privilege for me to be part of C-Care Group, and therefore part of an exceptional team of people who are passionate about providing our patients with the best medical care.



Hélène Echevin


  • 0hospitals
    0day care clinic
  • 0medical specialties
    0Medical, paramedical and non-clinical staff
    0emergency cases handled yearly
  • 0admissions every year
    0operating beds
    0operating theatres
  • We aim to provide our patients with the right medical treatment


    Timely attention on arrival

    • Responsiveness of contact number and ambulance, ease of access
    • Immediate attention and assessment on arrival
    • Timely medical take-over on arrival

    Accurate and on-time diagnosis

    • Diagnosis skills of clinical staff
    • Diagnosis clinical equipment
    • Adequate progress updates on patient’s condition (doctors/nurses)

    Accurate and on-time treatment

    • Effectiveness of treatment (medication, surgery, nursing care, diet, pain management…)
    • Immediate response to call bell for medical issues
    • Education on post-discharge precautions
  • We aim to keep our patients SAFE from accidental or malevolent harm to their health, privacy and personal security.


    Excellent Staff “technical” skills

    • “Technical” skills of nurses
    • “Technical” skills of technicians, Lab,Pharma...
    • “Technical” skills of housekeeping,porters, security

    Reliable clinical equipment and facilities

    • Reliable clinical equipment
    • Reliable general facilities: electricity, water, IT
    • Reliable healthcare facilities: medical gas

    Efficient quality & risks management system

    • Relevant quality procedures and policies
    • Relevant quality audits and controls
    • Wide understanding and support from all staff of quality system
  • We aim to be ATTENTIVE and COMPASSIONATE towards our patients at all times


    Excellent Staff “soft” skills

    • “Soft” skills of doctors and nurses
    • “Soft” skills of all patient-facing staff (porters, F&B, 
    • Housekeeping, security etc.)
    • Ex. of “soft” skills: empathy, respect, courtesy, communication and listening skills

    Efficient assistance

    • Timely response to call bell for nonmedical issues
    • Timely response to patients’ queries
    • Efficient solving of patients’ issues

    Comfort (F&B and accommodation)

    • F&B: options, taste, timeliness...
    • Cleanliness, hygiene
    • Aesthetic, equipment, Wi-Fi, peace, waiting space
  • We aim to communicate CLEARLY and HONESTLY to our patients at all times


    Transparent communication on treatment

    • Proactive explanations about medication, procedures, equipment, 
    • diet... (“patient education”)
    • Written communication on treatment (“patient education”)
    • Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) approach

    Full visibility on what is coming cost-wise and process-wise

    • Clear quotation (incl. insurance coverage)
    • Adequate updates of quotation (incl. insurance coverage)
    • Proactive communication on next steps, waiting time...

    Impeccable ethics

    • “Speaking the truth”
    • Equity between patients for a given service
    • Zero fraud

    Fair price to patient and to insurance

    • Recommendation of the right tests, medications and stay (need + 
    • cost)
    • Counseling on options and expected expenses
    • Zero errors in billing
  • We aim to make everything appear as SIMPLE as possible to our patients at all times


    Seamless patient journey

    • Streamlined patient journey, easily understood by patients
    • Flexible patient journey based on specific patients’ needs (e.g. families with young children, seniors...)
    • Appropriate waiting time at each step of the journey

    Clear information at every touchpoint

    • Proactive guidance and explanations at every touchpoint
    • Signages and collaterals at every touchpoint
    • Adequate online information

    Relevant services offering

    • Streamlined list of services, easily understood by patients
    • Services aligned with patients’ actual needs
    • Including affordable services

For a world we can all be proud of, C-Care has established a sustainability framework to structure and plan for a responsible business.

Our strategy is based on 3 key pillars that will reflect our efforts to Foster A Vibrant Workforce, Champion Inclusive Growth and Activate Climate Response.

Clinique Darné is a well-established private hospital in Mauritius, strong from 65 years of experience

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Wellkin is the largest and most modern private healthcare hospital in Mauritius

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C-Care Clinic is an outpatient clinic located at la Croisette in the north of Mauritius offering key outpatient services

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C-Lab regroups our laboratory services with a pool of 25 trained technicians to  deliver quality results

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